Landing Pages

This is a sample selection of the many landing pages I’ve created over the last 2-3 years. I’ve learned a lot about design and conversion through this process, and slowly my landing pages have become more and more effective (as well as more beautiful).

Foundations in Personal Finance: College Edition

Page Total Conversions: 797

Page Total Conversion Rate: 37.77%

We created an email campaign around this landing page spanning the month of June in 2017.

You Can Earn 6 College Credits in 2 Weeks

Page Total Conversions: 677

Page Total Conversion Rate: 12.58%

We sent duplication of this page to varying lists throughout the summer of last year, and have also copied basic design and CTA concepts for use in future campaigns.

Overall, this has been one of College Plus’s most successful campaigns and page designs.

What if your student could COMBINE high school and college in 2016?

Page Total Conversions: 39

Page Total Conversion Rate: 35.45%

We sent this page to a small portion of our list with the intention of encouraging early signups.


The College Escape Plan

This is the first page of an online course I designed as a free product designed to eventually drive leads by showcasing other products within it.Each link on this page will take you to a lesson of the course, created, researched, written, and designed by myself.

Course Total Conversion Rate: 29.27%