Each of these emails was written for and used for various marketing purposes.

Last chance for a free Dave Ramsey course

Written: June 2017

Open Rate: pending

Click Through Rate: pending

Get this Dave Ramsey course for free

Written: June 2017

Open Rate: 10.75%

Click Through Rate: 1.14%

Is a college degree even worth it?

Written: February 2017

Open Rate: 12.82%

Click Through Rate: 1.63%

“I’m 17 and have over 100 college credits.”

Written: February 2017

Open Rate: 24.28%

Click Through Rate: 1.59%

Don’t sell your left kidney for college

Written: April 2016

Open Rate: 25%

Click Through Rate: 4.87%

Start college in high school

Written: March 2016

This email is signed by Taryn because at the time, she was the voice our list was used to hearing from. When I first strated with CollegePlus, I wrote several emails under her name, gaining her approval of the content before it was sent.

Earn 6 Credits in 2 Weeks

Written: 2015

Open Rate: 19.15%

Click Through Rate: 3.69% (848 clicks)

We sent this email split with alternate messaging to our entire, unfiltered list. This was the email which instigated one of College Plus’s most successful campaigns in 2015.

How to Pay for College without Financial Aid

Written: 2015

Stats lost due to change in systems.

This was one of the first emails I wrote for CollegePlus in January of 2015.